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Adreas Reward

Andreas Reward

The ANDREAS Reward is the first Polish award for outstanding achievements in the field of interventional cardiology - for overall activity or significant achievements in the year preceding its granting.

Its name was derived from the name of Andreas Gruntzig, who in 1977 was the first to perform percutaneous coronary angioplasty. Since 2006, the ANDREAS prize has been awarded during the Intervention Cardiology Workshops in Warsaw (WCCI). 

We then entered a new era of revascularization. It was a breakthrough, because from that moment we stopped doing coronary angiography for cardiac surgeons and we started qualifying patients for percutaneous treatment.

Professor Robert Gil, the Head of the Cardiology Clinic of the Invasive Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration

The list of laureates 

2006: Paweł Buszman, Robert J. Gil, Witold Rużyłło, Adam Witkowski, Krzysztof Żmudka

2007: Tomasz Siminiak

2008: Dariusz Dudek

2009: Marcin Demkow

2010: Piotr Pieniążek

2011: Jarosław Wójcik

2012: Maciej Lesiak

2013: Jacek Legutko, Jean Marco (F)

2014: Andrzej Ochała

2015: Wojciech Wojakowski, Goran Stankovic (SB)

2016: Marek Dąbrowski, Michael Haude (D), Ravi Nair (US), William Wijns (B)

2017: Ariel Finkelstein (IL), Eberhard Grube (D)


The Reward Committee:

Prof. Paweł Buszman, MD, PhD

Prof. Robert J. Gil, MD, PhD

Prof. Witold Rużyłło, MD, PhD

Prof. Adam Witkowski, MD, PhD

Prof. Krzysztof Żmudka, MD, PhD